Tailored Wrap Around Care you can rely on


We focus our before and after school clubs on a healthy and active theme that encourages children to enjoy being active from an early age.

Our experience has allowed us to offer parents a reliable, affordable and convenient childcare solution with a real purpose.

Although wrap around care provisions occur outside of the school day, we believe that social and physical development are key to high-quality childcare services. We provide a safe and secure environment for children to develop their understanding of physical activity and healthy wellbeing, which ultimately builds stronger self-esteem.

We believe that wrap around care in schools should act as a continuum of the care and support they receive in the classroom, which means that we promote inclusivity and positive behaviour of the children within our care. Through active play and exercise, your children will also be better equipped to focus in the classroom.

Premier Active can run stand-alone clubs or combine a range of our services to pride a full wrap-around childcare schedule. If you are looking to improve your out of hours provision, get in touch today to find out how our services can provide specialist, cost-effective support for your school’s pupils.

Benefits of our Wrap Around services

Flexible times

Early drop off and late collection options

Healthy refreshments

Healthy snacks and unlimited drinks available

Secure Booking

Management and booking portal for parents

Ofsted Registered

Regulated to ensure the best for children, parents and schools

Protect your PPA time

We provide tailored PPA cover to suit your budget and requirements

Get in touch

Tell us how we can help suport your school

What is Wrap Around Care in schools?

Wrap around care in schools is the provision of high-quality childcare and supervision that wraps around the schedule of your school day – both before and afterwards. The difference between other childcare provisions and Premier Active’s wrap around care is that our services apply expertise in both compliance and physical activity which can make long-term positive changes to your children’s health and lifestyle. 


We offer affordable solutions to childcare on either side of the school day, with packages to suit you and your school’s needs. Whether you’d benefit from a before or after school club, or perhaps, complete wrap around care, we strike the balance between fun outside of the school day and continued childhood development through active play and exercise. 


We provide consistent wrap around care in schools to not only cater towards childcare solutions but to also create a stable and secure environment for children to either unwind after the school day or to feel more energised in the build-up to classwork. In such a busy working world, many parents find themselves calling on friends and family for help with childcare before and after school, and without structure, this can often feel unsettling for the child. Wrap around care in school can be a space where a child will flourish by learning new skills and developing a healthy mindset for the future.

We understand the importance of adhering to your school’s policies, and with Premier Active’s wrap around care, you need not worry about the quality of service or the viability of wrap-around support for you and your students.

We provide an affordable and sustainable childcare facility for parents/carers of your school but without any compromise on professionalism or safety. We’re a team of fully qualified Level 3+ professionals and every member of the team at Premier Active is passionate about providing high-quality childcare and helping children reach their full potential.

As well as having all the relevant skills, training and qualifications for child development, our staff are trained with safety at the forefront of our wrap around care. We conduct a robust recruitment check for every team member before they become a part of Premier Active. Safeguarding, DBS and First Aid are all regularly updated in line with government guidelines so that you can be assured that your students are always in the very best hands when they are in our care.

In addition to our qualifications, safety procedures and strict staffing ratios, we’re also experts at what we do. We provide over 50 activities with a focus on improving your children’s physical education in a fun and engaging environment, but, for those who aren’t as sporty, we also have creative recreation clubs as an alternative to provide an inclusive option for every child.

By offering a stable, long-term solution to busy family lives and childcare provisions, before and after school childcare can benefit everyone from the child and their parent to the school themselves.

With a wide range of activities, our service aims to introduce every child to something new and exciting; we want to ignite a passion for exercise and physical education across your school. We believe that an active lifestyle and regular exercise contributes to better behaviour in school, which is why our wrap-around childcare helps stimulate your students before and after school, whilst following the school’s moral code of behaviour to provide a continuum of care. 

Wrap around care in primary schools provides an effective and viable solution for childcare before and after school. In an increasingly busy world, with parents juggling childcare, work commitments and other aspects of family life, wrap around services in school resolve multiple concerns all at once. Parents can safely leave their children in our care with the knowledge that we, as a fully regulated service, will be working alongside your child’s school to complement their education and development to maximise their potential.

Over the years, demand for wrap around care in school environments has increased significantly with parents needing childcare on either side of the school day. Here at Premier Active, we aim to work with you and your school. Rather than simply providing supervision to resolve the issue of childcare, we apply our expertise to ensure your children are having their time invested productively in a manner that enhances their education and wellbeing.