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Sports days are an exciting opportunity for the whole school to showcase and celebrate the sporting skills they have been learning throughout the year.

Sports day is the highlight of the school calendar, and an exciting opportunity for the whole school to showcase and celebrate the sporting skills they have been learning throughout the year. From the egg and spoon race to the 100m sprint, whatever is on your Sports Day agenda, Premier Active are here to help.

We understand that planning for Sports Day can be time-consuming. At Premier Active, we offer full-day planning or partial support, with communication and staffing taken care of to enable your Sports Day to run as smoothly as possible, providing an unforgettable experience for both staff, pupils and their parents.

Utilising our knowledge and expertise, Premier Active take away all the unnecessary stress, by planning and delivering your perfect School Sports Day. With expert staff on hand to deliver activities and access to state-of-the-art equipment, we provide an exceptional Sports Day service to our partner schools, with cost-effective packages available to suit all budgets.

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Planning Sports Day in Primary Schools

Whilst occurring during the summer term, although an exciting event in the school calendar, Sports Day takes place during a busy period for primary school staff. Sports Day is a fun and inclusive opportunity for all pupils to showcase their talents in front of their peers. However, the planning and delivery of Sports Day can often transform a joyful festivity into a headache.

Planning an agenda is essential for a successful Sports Day. At Premier Active, we take care of everything for you, from timetabling to staffing and equipment. A detailed schedule is paramount to make it a day to remember for staff and students, as well as effective communication to allow busy parents to attend and support their children on the day. We relieve stress and save time by creating checklists for sports equipment, and detailed order of events for the day.

On the day we work alongside teachers to ensure our agenda is followed rigidly. Our specially-trained staff will set up equipment, start races, give out rewards, and ensure health and safety protocol is adhered to throughout the day.

At Premier Active, our specialist staff will ensure your Sports Day is a success. Through our delivery of expert-led games and activities, we ensure there will be something for everyone. Most importantly, we guarantee pupils will have heaps of fun!

When planning a Sports Day, it is important to consider the most popular games and activities that will keep children entertained. For Key Stage 1, there are many activities that can be adapted for any age group and ability, to ensure all games are accessible and inclusive for all. For Key Stage 1, it would be a good idea to give out individual prizes for taking part, rather than just awarding the winners of the competition a prize.

Popular games include obstacle races with a variety of successive challenges, such as skipping, tunnels, bean bag throws, and a low tightrope walk!

If it’s a hot summer’s day, you could involve a water balloon challenge where each team must collect as many water balloons into a bucket as possible within a set time. Then form a line and begin passing water balloons over their heads, and under their legs until the bucket at the end is filled. The fastest team wins!

For Key Stage 2, you can incorporate more activities into a more intense obstacle course, such as cargo nets for kids to climb through, mini hurdles, and fast feet using an obstacle course ladder!

Of course, Sports Day wouldn’t be complete without the traditional challenges of the egg and spoon, three-legged, and the sack races.

In order to ensure your Sports Day is a success, Premier Active are able to supply state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee pupils can perform their best and have the most fun. Planning is essential for Sports Day, therefore making a list prior to your event is key for successful delivery. 

Essential equipment includes clipboards, pens, and score sheets for each station. Creating a tailored list for the activities your school will be partaking in before your Sports Day enables the day to run smoothly. For instance, if your agenda involves a football shootout, ensure you have footballs, goals, gloves, and a ball pump. If one of your activities is an obstacle course, make sure you have bean bags, nets, skipping ropes, and mini hurdles. 

It’s easy to forget important equipment such as whistles, timers, speakers, and even water bottles! As well as equipment for the delivery of your activities, remember the importance of health and safety; do you have several first aid kits which are fully stocked? Have you reminded pupils to bring hats, sun cream, and sunglasses? 

At Premier Active, our specially trained staff can supply all manner of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your event is a success.

Sports Days in schools are extremely important for children for a variety of reasons. Partaking in sports not only improves physical fitness but can also improve a child’s social development and mental wellbeing. 

Although Physical Education is cemented in the school curriculum in the UK, the rigidity of the P.E. curriculum often means children aren’t passionate enough about sports. This is usually because traditional sports aren’t enjoyable to all children. 

Sports Days provide an opportunity for children to get involved in an array of sports and activities away from the school curriculum, including the classic races which occasionally tempt parents’ involvement! With the inclusion of various activities, it is easy for every child to find a sport to enjoy. 

Participating in Sports Day is important because it can help children to develop their social skills outside of the classroom. During team activities, children can interact with others who aren’t in their class, and with activities such as the relay or the three-legged race, children can use their teamwork and communication skills. Sports Day is also important because it can help children build confidence and self-esteem, these skills can be transferred into the classroom and can help them perform better academically.