Sustainable PPA Cover in Schools


Inspiring children to exceed and excel through physical activity

We know how vital PPA time is for teachers and the impacts that external cover can have on school budgets.

We offer a more affordable and sustainable solution to PPA cover, tailored to meet your needs and financial requirements.

PPA time is an intrinsic part of being a good quality teacher and educator, and to fully maximise this time, it needs to be uninterrupted and consistent. We understand that school budgets are tight and you may have never considered PPA cover as a feasible option, or perhaps even questioned what external PPA cover is. 

This is where we come in, not only will we contribute to a well-rounded education inclusive of physical activity but we offer it all as an affordable and long-term solution to PPA cover in schools.

Benefits of our PPA Cover services

Quality of Service

Dedicated to delivering high quality services

Cost Effective

Making school budgets go further

Bespoke Packages

Designed to meet your needs and budget

Full Planning & Assessment

Bespoke planning and termly assessment and impact reports

Guaranteed Cover

High quality staff available to ensure reliable cover at all times

Staff Consistency

Regular and consistent member of staff

CPD & Bespoke Teacher Training

Build teacher confidence to deliver high quality physical education

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PPA Cover & Sports Coaching

Here at Premier Active, we believe in providing PPA cover and sports coaching in schools that goes above and beyond standard physical education.

We enhance the physical education and engagement with sports in your school by providing varied and dynamic sports coaching that not only covers the curriculum but will help your children rethink exercise and movement.

We connect with students of all abilities, working with them to set goals and build aspirations. Our specialist sports coaching contributes to the physical and mental wellbeing of our partners’ students and helps them develop their interpersonal skills. 

We believe in a varied and exciting education, which is why we provide over 50 types of activities so that not only will your children be more active, but they will find something to engage with, regardless of their capabilities. We provide everything active, from core sports such as football, tennis, rounders and cricket, to more bespoke activities like our paralympic games, non-contact boxing and active lifestyle days for your whole school. With state-of-the-art equipment which we transport, set-up and pack-up, there is no limit to the activities we can organise nor the quality of their execution.

With Premier Active PPA cover and sports coaching, your school’s understanding of physical education will be broadened and your children will find enthusiasm for all things active.

The importance of PPA Time

All teachers are entitled to 10% of their timetabled teaching as PPA time, and whilst it is recognised as an invaluable opportunity to plan, prepare and assess, many teachers and schools find themselves stretched for time and money to cover the sessions. Whether it is lesson planning or marking, or even preparing your next topics, there are a variety of ways to utilise the time, preventing overtime outside of working hours which can lead to overstretched staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be familiar with PPA cover from colleagues, or the general concept of PPA time in schools, but we understand that it can be a grey area, especially if you or your staff are already tight on time. This is why we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding PPA time to help answer common queries.

PPA cover in schools is where an external organisation, such as Premier Active, provide educational provisions whilst the class teacher takes their PPA time. PPA cover can include a variety of subjects and activities; here at Premier Active we provide top-level physical education and sports coaching to enhance your class’ understanding of physical activity and improve overall engagement. 


PPA cover can come in a variety of packages and timeframes to suit your school’s needs, inclusive of class sizes and children’s ability. Whether you’re wanting a long-term solution to covering a teacher’s PPA time, or perhaps you’d like to arrange PPA cover for multiple members of staff at once, PPA cover can enhance both your children’s education and teaching staff’s capabilities.

PPA time stands for: Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time, it is an allocated time given to all teachers, Headteachers and their deputies to perform duties without the responsibility of supervising the children in their care.

Often, a PPA cover teacher is a specialist teacher in a specific subject, such as physical education, music, languages, art or religious education. The PPA cover teacher can then act as PPA cover to the whole school, using their specialist subject across all ages and abilities. 

A PPA cover teacher is a fantastic way to introduce greater knowledge of a particular subject to your cohort. With their specialist subject, a PPA cover teacher will be highly qualified and therefore more thorough in targeting all abilities and skillsets to provide enhanced education, whilst also allowing you to take full use of your PPA time.

Teachers can use PPA time to plan and prepare future lessons and topics in line with the curriculum, as well as marking homework, classwork and assessment pieces. PPA time was originally introduced to reduce the number of hours a teacher works outside of the working day, including evenings and weekends, but it is also an important part of gaining organisation and structure for educators.


PPA time is designed to be uninterrupted and focused, allowing teachers at least 30 minutes of productive working time. Schools use PPA time to ensure their staff are organised and their children are motivated and ambitious through well-planned lessons with clear learning objectives.

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