Structured Lunchtime Support with Playground Activities


Structured lunchtime support is a great way to engage more children in physical activity while improving productivity and behaviour.

With over 50% of children not getting enough exercise, we want to ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve 60 minutes each day. We offer a wide range of bespoke lunchtime options depending on your school’s aims.

Each solution will improve key skills including participation, confidence, self-esteem, leadership and teamwork.

Lunchtime is the perfect time for children to let off steam productively, whilst also engaging in exercise and movement, all of which can be fun and rewarding. We believe in providing a safe and inclusive environment to encourage physical activity and participation during lunchtime breaks. Our lunchtime support is a solution to increasing exercise in children, but it also improves children’s interpersonal and problem-solving skills through a structured space that promotes teamwork and participation. 

By guaranteeing an active lunchtime, you will also reap the benefits in the classroom; exercise energises children and contributes to a more productive and focused environment in the classroom. 

Benefits of our Lunch Time services

Engaging Activities

50+ exciting activities to get children moving

Playmaker Award

Giving children the skills and knowledge to lead games and activities

Increased Physical Activity

Ensuring children start a healthy habit of daily exercise

Bespoke Options

A lunchtime support package that works for you

Improved Behaviour

Increased activity is proven to enhance children’s attention span and attendance

Bespoke enrichment opportunities

We provide resources and equipment to deliver exciting new experiences

Structured Lunchtime Activities in Schools

Structured lunchtime support and activities are becoming increasingly more popular as schools realise the benefits of continuing the education of their children from classroom to playground. 


A common problem after lunchtime, where children have been left to fill the time themselves, is a rise in disruptive behaviour in the classroom and an inability to focus. Structured lunchtime activities allow for a continuum of learning throughout the day, meaning that children remain in the right mindset for classwork before and after lunch breaks.


Schools and educators are facing increasing pressure to tackle childhood obesity and provide more time for exercise within the school day. We understand that this can feel like a mammoth task, especially when you’re already stretched for time trying to reach the milestones of the curriculum in the classroom. By introducing lunchtime activities, you will create a positive environment for increased exercise and participation in students. Not only will your students participate in more exercise, but they will feel more inspired and confident to take on extra-curricular activities, setting them up to live well long term. 

Bespoke Lunchtime Support from Playground Activity Leaders

Here at Premier Active, we provide bespoke lunchtime support to meet your school’s needs. We’re a team of fully qualified Level 3+ professionals, who have been handpicked for their passion for working with children and their commitment to making physical activity fun. 


As well as a distinct passion and skillset for child development, our staff are trained with safety as an imperative of our service. Every team member must go through a robust recruitment check before we allow them to work for us. Safeguarding, DBS and First Aid are all regularly updated in line with government guidelines to ensure that your children are in the very best hands at all times. We’re experts in sports coaching and physical education, so we can provide high-quality lunchtime activities that fit in with the National Curriculum and enhance your children’s overall education.


We provide over 50 types of activities to ensure children have a varied and dynamic physical education. There is an activity available to engage every single child, as we believe staying active should be inclusive of everyone. 


We promote teamwork and autonomy in our lunchtime activities, as we believe physical education can have a huge impact on children’s interpersonal skills and self-esteem. In addition to supporting team sportsmanship, we also champion individual successes through our Playmaker Award. We are huge advocates for recognising children’s progression and hitting their personal milestones, which is why we give out the Playmaker Award to reward pupils for their leadership during lunchtime activities. 

The Benefits of Playground Supervision

Lunchtime is a setting where children can let off steam and prepare for the rest of the day, but without structure or proper supervision, it can have a negative impact on both their behaviour and ability to focus on classwork. Pupils still need to have fun and enjoy their lunch breaks, which is why structured playground activity can benefit both children and teachers. 

Structured playground supervision and activity encourages the development of interpersonal and social skills, and contributes towards making long-term habits of physical exercise. By organising a set activity or range of activities, every child is included and participates, which not only increases your cohort’s overall physical activity but discourages unkind behaviour during lunchtimes, such as leaving a child out of a game or those all too common playground disputes. With over 50 activities to choose from, you and your pupils receive a lunchtime support package that suits your individual needs, so no matter your school’s requirements, your children will come back into class more energised and ready to focus.

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