Bespoke Enrichment Activities in Schools


With our bespoke enrichment service, we provide exciting and interactive workshops designed to introduce new skills and opportunities to children with all manner of interests and requirements.

Encouraging healthy bodies and minds is the core focus of our enrichment activities. Regardless of whether your children are reluctant to engage in physical activity or huge sports fans, we tailor our workshops to your goals and prioritise inclusivity above all else. From Olympic themes to outdoor & adventure, to disability education, we devise our enrichment activities to translate enjoyable activities into applied physical education and develop skills that will benefit them socially & academically.  


With experience in delivering over 50 sports and activities, we offer unique opportunities for every school. We supply all the necessary equipment and resources, then deliver exciting, imagination-inducing activities to captivate & inspire your pupils at lunchtime, after school, or even during full-day programmes. Unlike a regular PE lesson or classroom activity, our enrichment workshops are dates to put in the calendar for all to look forward to!

Benefits of our Enrichment services

Encourages Active Lifestyles

Interactive Lifestyle Workshop encouraging healthy bodies and minds

Active Adventure Workshop

Outdoor activities teaching team building, orienteering and survival skills

Olympic Workshop

Experience the thrill of the Olympics with a series of sporting events

Paralympic & Disability in Sport

Powerful insight into the world of disability in sport through Paralympic events

Lunch Time Support

We provide lunch time cover to keep children active and engaged

What is enrichment in schools?

Enrichment is not a necessary requirement for schools to provide to their students, however, it is highly recommended by the Department of Education and Ofsted in order to encourage personal development and extra-curricular education which ultimately aids academic success. 


With enrichment activities, children learn more about themselves. From the topics that interest them to the talents they discover. Children of all ages are developing rapidly, both mentally and physically, and enrichment provides avenues for them to experiment and find subjects – whether academic or not – which appeal to them. 


Regardless of whether a student finds inspiration towards a career path or becomes infatuated with a new interest, enrichment workshops are an exciting day to pencil into the calendar. Our enrichment activities are designed to challenge students so that they can develop their ‘soft skills’, like independence, determination, self-esteem and creativity. Furthermore, these activities are opportunities to help children progress towards becoming capable citizens, as we equip them to learn responsibility, respect and empathy. 


From learning about other cultures and aspects of life they may previously be unfamiliar with, to engaging in team projects and taking the lead on their newfound interests, enrichment has the potential to enhance the education of every student, so that they can find the motivation to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom

Start your school’s Enrichment programme

When starting your school’s enrichment programme, there are a lot of key points to consider for which we use our experience to make this process as quick and hassle-free as possible. 


Step-by-step, here are some of the things involved in making your schools enrichment programme a success:

Frequently Asked Questions

Organising extra-curricular activities of all kinds comes with limitless things to consider. For enrichment activities, in particular, here are some of FAQs that should cover some of the basic queries. For any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

While the progress students make in the classroom can vary drastically, an enrichment programme can benefit both the lowest and highest performing pupils in their academic career. 


For those that struggle to focus on classwork, the right enrichment activity can provide inspiration towards a particular area of their education that motivates them to succeed. On the other hand, those who tend to read ahead and excel among their classmates can benefit hugely from an activity that provides a real challenge, whether that be academic or not. 


Regardless of a child’s academic standard, enrichment activities provide the opportunity to discover new skills and challenge them to progress both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Enrichment is a broad practice that can be applied to a curriculum on an array of subjects, with varying timeframes, and incorporating all manner of activities.  

Some examples include:

  • Before or after school clubs
  • Whole school theme days or weeks
  • Assembly discussions
  • Outdoor learning
  • Residential visits and school trips
  • School visitors and external experts
  • Voluntary work
  • Homework

There are countless enrichment activities to appeal towards any and every student. Some of the most popular activities include: 


Debating, quizzes, competitions, presentations, group projects, theme-based tasks and imaginative challenges. 

With so many themes and activities to consider, we recommend teachers focus on the structure of enrichment programmes. Some ideas that both challenge and enthuse students are:
  • • Peer mentoring – see how students fare delivering to their classmates in front of the whiteboard!
  • • Key Stage and year group collaboration – whether it be competing with each other, working together, or delivering to one another, giving students the opportunity to mix with either younger or older students can be exciting and is beneficial towards their social development.
  • • External speakers – Having a qualified professional deliver a course on a certain subject provides students with a much more comprehensive understanding, as well as the potential to be inspired. 

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