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Our Professional Development programme is an effective way to invest your Primary PE and School Sports Premium to improve the standard of your Physical Education and School Sport.

A lack of training can often leave teachers feeling nervous and unsure about how to deliver the best physical education for their class and school. Our experienced sports specialists can meet the needs of every member of your team with CPD programmes tailored to suit your school, your budget and your goals.


By learning from experienced specialists, we provide PE teachers with the tools they need to upskill as a professional in their role. Following your certification, rest assured you will feel unwavering confidence in your ability to plan, deliver and lead your PE sessions and apply your improved subject knowledge to assess your students’ progress and help every one of your pupils develop. 


From NQTs to seasoned teachers, we are experienced in supplementing the professional development of educators by enhancing their expertise in physical activity. 

Benefits of our CPD services

Improve standards of PE

Meet the need of every learner

Boost Confidence

Increase the ability of school staff

Trustworthy Experience

Learn from experienced sports specialists

Improved Assessment

Enhance planning, delivery and assessment for learning

Build Knowledge

Improve subject knowledge

More Effective

Courage to teach safely and effectively

Protect your PPA time

We provide tailored PPA cover to suit your budget and requirements

PE Teacher Training & CPD Programmes

While PE is a specialist subject, it is often the case that PE teachers either haven’t received an adequate amount of formal training, or haven’t been provided with the resources to compensate for a lack of expertise.


When improving the quality of your PE department, it all begins with the person leading the session. With our CPD programmes, we upskill PE teachers by helping them deliver each lesson with the utmost confidence; this comes from harnessing knowledge and learning how to deliver it effectively. 


From understanding the basics of sports of all kinds, to learning how best to plan and structure your PE lessons, our experienced team of experts are on hand to create activities that challenge your understanding of Physical Education. We help you continue your professional development as an educator with all the necessary skills required to get the best out of every student, regardless of their ability, by conducting physical activities that help every child excel.

Roles, Responsibilities & Qualities of a PE Teacher

As a PE teacher, your lessons are relatively unconventional when compared with typical classroom sessions. Despite applying general teaching skills and pertaining to similar curriculum frameworks, there are a few things in Physical Education that require unique expertise. 


Firstly, unlike any other subject, you are encouraged to dedicate the maximum amount of time towards physical activity (as opposed to pleading with children to keep still!). This requires a distinct effort when considering how you must effectively organise your working area, utilise equipment, limit the amount of time you spend talking, encourage participation, and somehow manage to structure your session to ensure your students are learning while they run around!


While PE can be overlooked as a ‘doss’ subject in academia, the transferable skills children can take into the classroom are limitless. Very few subjects make the same effort to encourage leadership so fervently during a lesson. Teachers of all kinds are likely to discover that in PE, the eagerness towards participation and willingness to demonstrate skills is scarcely seen in other subjects.


Furthermore, PE provides a motivation towards key skills that will benefit students throughout the rest of their school career and beyond their life in education. From physical fitness and its mental health benefits, to the building of confidence and heuristic understanding of teamwork, these are key things to consider during every PE session to ensure your students are getting the most they possibly can from the time they spend learning with yo

Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher training is a broad topic, especially with it varying across different subjects. CPD is a particular form of training that enhances the professional development of teachers and involves an array of activities required for successful completion. Throughout our experience, there are some general questions that often crop up, so we’ve put some information together to help your understanding of what CPD entails. 

CPD refers to Continuing Professional Development and is a practice applied to professionals in all manner of industries. Whether you work in a school, from home, or in an office, any employee who desires to progress in their career and expand their skill set is likely to undertake some form of CPD activity in order to learn more about their occupation and perform at a higher level. 


There are various methods to continue professional development either to gain new skills or advance your existing attributes. With independent tasks, group participation or interactive sessions, CPD offers employees of all kinds the opportunity to undergo extra training and develop their capabilities in their profession. 

CPD is important for developing your skill set which maintains your competence in your role and creates opportunities to progress in your career path. Ultimately it benefits your employer by advancing your capabilities and widening your contribution to the workforce. Furthermore, those on the receiving end of your work reap the benefits of the improved, informed and up-to-date performance in your role. 


For teachers especially, the willingness to develop your skills means that CPD enriches your effectiveness as an educator, in addition to the experience you gain along the way. As a result, your school’s superiors will have more trust in your ability, you learn transferable skills that can apply to other roles, and your students’ performance will benefit from receiving more informed guidance when you apply your additional knowledge to the classroom. 

When undertaking CPD activities, your training will be CPD accredited. This means that the activities you partake in have been assessed and deemed as effective in their delivery through abiding with the required CPD criteria. 


With CPD certification, rest assured that the training you receive has met all the necessary standards to have its quality certified. Any activity you engage with for Continuing Professional Development is designed to benefit your career and has been scrutinised in order to verify its integrity towards achieving the set objectives.

CPD programmes include both formal and informal activities. From group projects to independent studying, to interactive workshops. Some of the types of task you can expect to be involved in during your CPD activities are the following:


  • Reading/reviewing books, journals, studies and articles
  • Watching videos such as relevant TV programmes, documentaries and internet content
  • Interactive courses and workshops
  • Online discussion via forums or blogs
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Peer coaching
  • Advanced learning training from a subject coach
  • Work shadowing
  • Engaging with a committee
  • Sharing resources or ideas with other teachers
  • Curriculum development
  • Conducting research
  • Self-assessment of your department

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an independent accreditation service that was established in 1996. Its purpose is to appraise educational development programmes that adhere to exceptionally high standards and the respective guidelines set by the CPD body. 


Whether your CPD programme is designed to enhance professional skills or improve your personal attributes, the certification symbolises quality and credibility and is recognised by employers as official training that can propel your career prospects.

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