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Before School Clubs

A positive start to the day can have a real influence on a child’s learning.

Our unique early morning clubs provide children across the Midlands with fun and engaging sessions of sport, games and challenges which engage the mind and body ready for the day ahead. As a result of our before school clubs, our partner schools have reported a positive impact on the attendance and punctuality of students, as well as an enhanced focus, and better overall behaviour. 


The success of our before school clubs enables our partner schools to maximise classroom performance and provide pupils with an appetite for learning before they step foot in the classroom. Furthermore, by beginning the school day with stimulating mental activities, and sports challenges to keep them active, our schools have reported an overall improvement in the fitness and wellbeing of their pupils.


Not only benefiting children, our before school clubs also provide a cost-effective and flexible early morning childcare solution for parents. Our extra-curricular clubs are a logistical alternative to childcare, which is better for your child and your pocket!

After School Clubs

We understand the importance of providing cost-effective afternoon childcare with a purpose. Our after school clubs are a great way to meet parents’ childcare needs, while also giving children new opportunities to get active and participate in more physical activity.

The flexibility of our after school clubs ensure parents can access exceptional childcare around their work commitments, and, most importantly, they have peace of mind that their little ones are having fun and learning along the way.

To make sure we meet the needs of as many children as possible, we provide a variety of expert-led sports and outdoor activities to complement your current schedule. As specialist providers of after school clubs, we deliver a wide range of core and bespoke activities to ensure children remain engaged away from the classroom. We also incorporate a number of sports challenges into our clubs to improve the fitness and mental attributes of the pupils at our partner schools.

With funding options available, we guarantee to provide outstanding and affordable childcare suited to you.

Benefits of our School Club services

Flexible options

Here to suit the needs of schools and parents

Encouraged Participation

More opportunities to stay active

Specialist activities

Wide range of 50+ sports and activities

Funding options

Multiple funding routes available

Provide Wrap Around Options

Combine a range of our services to provide a full childcare schedule

School club activities organised by specialists

With school clubs tailored to our partner’s objectives, there is limitless ground to cover to ensure that we are providing the necessary aptitude and expertise to cater to your priorities. From after school football clubs to mind-sharpening before school activities, there is endless knowledge and experience to be applied when organising such a wide array of programmes. 


With Premier Active, you can feel assured that you are receiving a service that covers all bases. It is our prerogative to ensure that all of the following are accounted for:

Frequently Asked Questions

At Premier Active, we are frequently asked questions regarding the importance of before and after school clubs. We are also asked questions ranging from the creation of clubs to the delivery of them. This section will answer our frequently asked questions in more detail, if you require some more specialist advice, feel free to contact us. 

School clubs are important as they provide an opportunity for children to play, develop skills away from the classroom, and most significantly, have fun! 


At Premier Active, instead of viewing before and after school clubs as a way to distract children, we believe both before and after school clubs provide a unique opportunity for pupils of our partner schools to flourish, both socially and academically.


Allowing children to socialise with others outside of school hours enables them to develop their teamwork and communication skills. With the delivery of 50+ sports and activities, we ensure children are enthused by our clubs and are encouraged to stay active!

We are regularly asked about what setting up a school club involves. Before investing any resources into your extracurricular activities, it is paramount that you understand the importance of school clubs and what you want to ultimately achieve above all else. 


Your first step is to brainstorm your ideas –  Will you focus on a particular extracurricular programme, or deliver a range of sports and activities? Once you have done this, define the goals of your club. How many pupils will be involved in your club? When and where will the club meet? 


Then consider your club’s resources. Will you be able to provide the club for free? Or will you need to charge a small fee to ensure its continuity? Will you require external assistance for delivery from a provider such as ourselves, or do you have the capacity to orchestrate these activities amongst your own staff?

At Premier Active, we are frequently asked what the best ideas for school club activities are. As we deliver 50+ sports and activities, we recommend clubs to our partner schools that enable us to apply our sports expertise so that we can do achieve the objectives we’re so accustomed to working towards, from inspiring children to work as part of a team, to trying out new activities which they may not usually partake in at school. 


Elsewhere, there are endless topics for your school clubs. Art club provides an opportunity for children to get creative, without being confined to the limits of the school curriculum. This is a brilliant method of introducing children to brand new experiences, this could include: photography, still-life drawings, animation, and screen painting.


Other common ideas include dance, gardening, choir, and science!

An intrinsic part of organising school clubs is deciding whether or not it should pertain to a theme. At Premier Active, we understand that not every activity is suited to everyone. However, we strive to ensure that each activity we deliver is interesting and stimulating for those who participate. Empowering children is paramount, that’s why we suggest themes as they are thought-provoking and inclusive. 


Examples of themes include athletic themes such as the Olympics, community-based themes such as litter-picking club, and sports activity themes such as the world cup. Our themes aim to keep children active in a manner that educates and inspires all involved; by doing so, we aim to enrich their social and academic skills with applied physical education. 

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