Leon Chamberlain,

Leon Chamberlain,

Leon’s need before speaking to us:

Leon came to us to discuss how we could improve his knowledge of staff in PE through a
broad range of activities and curriculum. He felt that his NQT’s and current staff struggled
with knowledge and ideas in PE so support from us may support their requirements in need.

How our services were offered to suit his needs:

We sat with Leon and discussed how we would introduce our CPD programme to help his
staff develop competence, knowledge but also ensure that its sustainable so they can
continue to teach PE even when we’re not there. Our programme was tailored to suit the
needs of each member of staff, varied from a full 6 weeks of a specific part of the curriculum
to structing a lesson to ensure children are active for sustainable period of time during their

How we went above & beyond:

We were able to offer Leon a play maker programme at lunch times to develop key
children’s self-esteem, knowledge and behaviour on the playground. In addition, sustainable
after school clubs that targeted inactive children along with bespoke clubs that allowed the
whole school to access.

How we justified our service with IMPACT:

-CPD folders with teachers goals, plans and pre/post score impact results half termly.
-Evidence of improvement to his team’s quality in delivery and knowledge.
-Tools & resources for their team to use and make our service sustainable.

What Leon says about us:

“I have used Premier Active for over 5 years to support CPD in both of my schools and also
to broaden the range of extracurricular activities offered. The CPD uses a coaching and
mentoring role and has supported both staff confidence, skills and pedagogical knowledge. 
Their staff are always knowledgeable, friendly and form positive relationships with the
children.  As a result of their support, the quality of PE- including the delivery and
knowledge of our staff has increased greatly.  I have been extremely pleased with the
quality of the team and recommend them highly”