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empty gym during lockdown

Should Gyms stay open during Lockdown?

Gyms are an essential part of an active lifestyle. Anybody you ask would more than likely agree. During a pandemic however, their necessity has become an incredibly divisive topic of discussion. There’s no doubt public attendance should be kept minimal at this current moment in time. Staying at home however, has its exceptions, but should visiting your gym be one of them?  There is a widespread belief that gyms are vital, now more than ever,…
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Ross Turner receiving Premier Active GHP Award

Best Sports & PE Specialists West Midlands 2020!

While 2020 has been full of unprecedented challenges for us all, especially for those of us working in education, we’re heading into the New Year with some exciting news to share… Global Health & Pharma News have announced us as winners in their 2020 Fitness…
happy kid playing as a superhero

14 Benefits of Exercise for Children

During a year of unprecedented challenges, there has been much discussion about the benefits of exercise throughout 2020.  With repeated lockdowns, furlough schemes and an alarming lack of options for leisure and events, we’ve all had to find ways to keep ourselves occupied through some…
dad and daughter being active at christmas

Stay Active with our 12 Games of Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…  but for every mince pie, family film and chocolate in your advent calendar, there’s the need to keep fit and healthy while we enjoy the festive period.  With taking time off school and work comes a gap…
Sad child in black hoodie sat with gymbag

Physical Solutions for Mental Health in Young People

The problem with Young People’s Mental Health None of us are strangers to feeling sad or worried, especially during our formative years. Unfortunately, when these emotions occur more often, they become more complicated and can develop into increased anxiety and a near-constant despondence.  Whether you’re…
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