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Here at Premier Active, we’ve been helping schools make PE interesting, engaging and affordable since 2012.

We’ve worked with over 100 primary and secondary schools, nurseries and organisations across the West Midlands, delivering more than 50 types of physical activities and helping more than 20,000 children stay active every week.

As a market leading sports and physical education company, our passion is to create opportunities to encourage children and families to lead healthy and active lifestyles, while improving the standards of school sports and physical education throughout the UK.

Who we work with

Our Services

We specialise in delivering a range of fun and engaging physical education activities and staff training programmes, delivered by our professional and experienced team.

Our work continues beyond schools, we support a huge network of parents and families with our before and after school programmes and holiday camps.

Whether we are delivering a PE lesson or working alongside teaching staff through our professional development programmes, we remain dedicated to providing services that help encourage healthy minds and bodies for children and all the family.

Our partnerships help us to be our best when developing and delivering our services.

Holiday Camps

School Services

School Clubs

Early Years

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Our Mission

Our generation is amongst the least active and obesity is at an all time high.

With 50% of children not getting the exercise they need each day, we want to make sure that they create an active lifestyle habit that will stay with them as they grow up.

Our mission is clear: to make physical activity and sport FUN again. We will continue to create inclusive and engaging ways to get healthy and active while ensuring we make our services and support available to everyone.

We are on a mission to get our children, schools, nurseries and families enjoying being healthy, active and happy.

Our Aims

Our aims have always been close to our heart. We strive to continue to promote healthy and active lifestyles, while providing fun, safe and educational activities for children and young people.

Improve PE Standards

Provide high quality sport and activity programmes

healthy lifestyles

Promote healthy and active lifestyles for schools, children and families


Create experiences suitable for all children and young people


Continue to develop and improve, to stay at the top of our game


Provide affordable and sustainable support for organisations and parents

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