Best Sports & PE Specialists West Midlands 2020!

Best Sports & PE Specialists West Midlands 2020!

Ross Turner receiving Premier Active GHP Award

While 2020 has been full of unprecedented challenges for us all, especially for those of us working in education, we’re heading into the New Year with some exciting news to share…

Global Health & Pharma News have announced us as winners in their 2020 Fitness & Nutrition Awards for Best Sports & Physical Education Specialists in the West Midlands!

Why have we won this award?

The article above emphasises the importance of physical education for young people and details precisely how we at Premier Active excel in the delivery of our services.

By utilising PE to engage and include everybody we work with, GHP has accredited us with this award in recognition of our tremendous team’s commitment to creating an environment in schools where PE is interesting, engaging and affordable.

At a time where almost 50% of children in the UK don’t exercise as much as they need to, we have helped more than 20,000 children across over 100 primary & secondary schools, nurseries, and other organisations across the West Midlands, to provide over 50 different types of activity.

With a passion for physical education, we’ve inspired healthy bodies & minds in young people, not only by developing their physical skills, but also through training school staff to make sports fun and beneficial to everyone.

In addition to the quality of the service we provide, what has really put us ahead of the rest this year is the way in which we develop and maintain the partnerships within our network. 

While we are a service provider, it is part of our ethos as an organisation to collaborate with our partners with the utmost enthusiasm; to ensure that they are not only satisfied with our service, but that they also benefit individually from our expertise.

For the reasons above, we are expeditiously becoming a market leader in West Midlands’ sports industry, and this accreditation verifies that!

What we have to say about it...

After receiving the award, our Customer Account Manager, Ross Turner, said the following:

“I think I speak for us all at Premier Active when I say this year has been the most difficult in my career. To come away from it with some recognition for our work is both an honour and a welcome reminder that we, as a team, are fantastic at what we do.  Contributing to physical activity improvements within our local communities is paramount for our team, but our passion and aim is to encourage children & young adults to try new things and learn to love exercise! Thanks to the efforts of all of our staff, and the way in which we have consistently collaborated with our partners to overcome challenges, we have persevered to make a real difference this year. This award just goes to show that, despite everything, we’ve managed to achieve a lot in 2020, and we’re all excited to keep progressing and improving at what we do throughout the New Year!”

Ross Turner, Customer Account Manager

How can we help you?

This year, we’ve made an extra effort to ensure our partners and children in the West Midlands maintain an active lifestyle during periods where we had no contact at all. 

For more information on keeping active, the benefits of doing so, and how to do so while adhering to social distancing, take a look at our blog!

Or learn more about our services available to help parents & schools keep their children active.

We’d like to thank all our staff for their exceptional performance this year, our partners for their collaboration and co-operation amid unprecedented challenges, and students for their fantastic efforts! 

We wish you all the very best for the New Year.

Want to get involved?

Book your FREE Taster Session today! 

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